Diabetes at School

What schools need to know about diabetes

Did you know that over 3000 children in Victoria have type 1 diabetes? As a teacher, school staff member or school nurse, this means it is likely that you may have one or more students in your school with diabetes. By understanding how you can support students with diabetes at school, you are giving them the best chance to reach their full learning potential, and to participate in all aspects of school life.

School Staff Member, Parent or Carer

Are you a teacher, school staff member, parent or carer?

These online learning modules have been developed to build your knowledge and confidence to meet the needs of students with type 1 diabetes.


School Nurse

Are you a school nurse?

It is important for school nurses to understand the care needs of students with Type 1 diabetes, including how to administer insulin. These online learning modules are designed to refresh your knowledge and boost your confidence.